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Daventry District Council
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Planning Policy

Planning Policy


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25 Jul 2019 - 18:15 to 00:00



1. Prayers.
2. Minutes
To sign the Minutes of the annual meeting of the Council held on 15th May 2019 (copy attached).  Please note queries relating to the accuracy of the Minutes must be submitted in writing to the Monitoring Officer by noon on Wednesday 24th July 2019 - Constitutional requirement - Part 6l, Section 3.3).
3. District Council By-election - 18th July 2019.
(a)  To receive the Certificate and Return of the Returning Officer as to the person elected as District Councillor for the Brixworth Ward (to be circulated at the meeting). 
(b)   Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
(c) The Chairman will extend a welcome to newly elected Member.
4. Apologies for absence.
5. Declarations of Members' Interests.

To receive declarations of Members' disclosable interests and the nature of such interests in any of the following agenda items.

6. Chairman's Announcements.
7. Questions under Council Procedure Rules Nos. 10 and 11.

(i)   To answer questions from members of the public, if any.

(ii)  To answer questions from Members of the Council, if any.

8(i) Motion under Council Procedure Rule 12.

To consider the following motion, notice of which has been given under Council Procedure Rule 12 by Councillors Ken Ritchie and Wendy Randall:-

New Daventry Town Centre Vision

This Council welcomes the recommendations made by the Strategy Group on 4th July for the preparation of a new Daventry Town Centre Vision, and in particular the eight points listed for consideration in section 4.3 of the report presented to the Strategy Group;

Notes that the problems which Daventry faces as a result of the changing nature of retailing are not unique to Daventry and that many other similar towns can offer a wealth of experience and ideas on how we respond to these problems, and therefore resolves to consider these experiences in the preparation of the new Vision;

Notes that many towns have benefited from the services of specialist agencies which have expertise in methods of public consultation and approaches to town centre regeneration,  and therefore resolves to commission the services of relevant organisations to work in collaboration with DDC’s specialist staff in designing the consultation on the new Vision and planning its approach to the regeneration of Daventry’s centre;

Believes that the consultation should:

  • be not just a means to an end but in itself a valuable exercise in involving residents in taking responsibility for the planning of the future of their town, with objectives and targets for the engagement of residents;   

  • seek to determine the views of particular demographic groups, including young people, elderly people, those with disabilities, and residents of different cultures and origins;

  • involve at an early stage the use of a representative citizens’ assembly, professionally and independently led and advised and able to determine its own agenda and modus operandi, with the task of making recommendations on the general nature of the town centre, recognising that town centres are no longer just retail centres but are also, and importantly, social and cultural centres; 

Notes that, following the anticipated re-organisation of local government in the county, Daventry Town Council is likely to assume a more important role in the governance of Daventry’s affairs, and therefore resolves that all aspects of the preparation of the new Vision should be undertaken in partnership with the Town Council.

8(ii) Motion under Council Procedure Rule 12.

To consider the following motion, notice of which has been given under Council Procedure Rule 12 by Councillors Wendy Randall and Ken Ritchie:-

Live Streaming of Meetings

In its vision to 'Develop a better District', this Council committed itself to communicating honestly and openly with customers and colleagues at all times. The live broadcast of public meetings would significantly enhance the Council's ability to achieve this.

This Council:

  • Recognises that the internet is where significant numbers of people get their information (60 per cent of adults have a smartphone and 80 per cent of homes have internet access) and notes that DDC has over 3,000 followers on Twitter, and over 600 on Facebook;
  • Notes that DDC often struggles to engage people in local democracy (the average turnout at the local elections in this District is often around 30 per cent; the average attendance by members of the public at DDC’s public meetings held in this Chamber is low; and DDC consultations don’t attract high numbers);
  • Believes that live streaming Council meetings, even if of little interest to some residents, offers DDC a cheap and effective way to get more people more involved in the democratic process, to make the work of Councillors more visible, to help people understand how decisions that affect their daily lives are reached, and to make the Council more accountable;


  • Notes that there are now low-cost and low-tech approaches to live streaming, which could be easily implemented for around an estimated £3,500.

This Council therefore resolves to commence live broadcasting of its public meetings within the next six months.

9. Reports of Committees.

To receive for information purposes only the Minutes of the under-mentioned Committees. (The following Committees were cancelled: Scrutiny & Improvement Committee - 28th May 2019 and Licensing Committee - 11th June 2019).

10. Recommendations of Committees.
To consider the recommendations of the several Committees and to pass such resolutions thereon as the Council may determine. (Please note that further to copies previously circulated with Committee agendas, copies of the related reports are available for public inspection).
12. Urgent Business.
To consider any other item, which the Chairman decides is urgent, notice of which has been given in writing to the Chief Executive prior to the commencement of the meeting.

Meeting Documents

There are no separate meeting documents but there may be meeting documents assigned to the Agenda.

Declarations of Interests


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