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Daventry District Council
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Planning Policy

Planning Policy


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Meeting Details

15 May 2019 - 18:15 to 00:00



1. The retiring Chairman will take the Chair at 18.15
2. Prayers.
3. Election of Chairman
The Council will elect the Chairman for the ensuing year.
(a)  It will be proposed that Councillor David Smith be elected as Chairman of the Council for the year 2019/2020. 
(b) The proposal will be seconded.
(c)   The retiring Chairman will then enquire if there are any other nominations.
(d)  The proposition will then be put to the Council.

(e) Upon the same being carried and so declared by the retiring Chairman, she will then vacate the Chair in favour of the new Chairman. 
(f)  The retiring Chairman will then invest the new Chairman with the Badge of Office after which she will take the chair to the left.
(g)  The new Chairman will make the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and then take the Chair.
Vote of Thanks 
(h) A vote of thanks will then be moved to the former Chairman for her services during the past year.
(i)  The motion will be seconded. 
(j)  The proposition will then be put to the Council.
(k)  The former Chairman will reply to the vote of thanks and on conclusion take her seat in the Chamber. 
 (l)   A presentation of flowers will be made to the former Chairman.
4. Appointment of Vice-Chairman
The Council will proceed to appoint the Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year. 
(a)  The Chairman will invite a proposition for the appointment of the Vice-Chairman of the Council for the year 2019/2020.
(b)  The proposal will be seconded.
(c)  The Chairman will then enquire if there are any other nominations. If not, the proposition will be put to the Council.
(d)  The Chairman will then invest the new Vice-Chairman with the Badge of Office. 

 (e)  The new Vice-Chairman will make the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and be seated to the left of the Chairman.

5. Apologies for absence.
6. Minutes
To sign the Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 21st February 2019 (copy attached).  (Please note queries relating to the accuracy of the Minutes must be submitted in writing to the Monitoring Officer by noon on Tuesday 14th May 2019 - Constitutional requirement - Part 6l, Section 3.3).
7. Declarations of Members' Interests.

To receive declarations of Members' disclosable interests and the nature of such interests in any of the following agenda items.

8. Inaugural Speech of the new Chairman.
9. Chairman's Announcements.
10. Announcement of Group Leaders and Deputy Group Leaders.
11. Constitution of Committees.
(a)  To determine the allocation of seats on Committees to political groups and to consider the appointment of members to Committees for the year 2019/2020 as nominated by politicial groups (schedule to be circulated at meeting). 
  Note: If the Council wishes to adopt committee memberships which do not accord with political balance arrangements the vote must be nem con (i.e. no votes against).

(b)   To appoint Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of Committees for the year 2019/2020 (schedule to be circulated at meeting).

12. To consider the following appointments:-
It is recommended that the representatives on each body submit a written report in respect of the activities of the body to which they are appointed at the end of the municipal year 2019/20.
13. Questions under Council Procedure Rules Nos. 10 and 11.

(i)   To answer questions from members of the public, if any.

(ii)  To answer questions from Members of the Council, if any.

14(i) Motion under Council Procedure Rule 12.

To consider the following motion, notice of which has been given under Council Procedure Rule 12 by Councillors John Shephard and Chris Millar:-

The Council, noting (1) that the view of the County Council is that delivery of a new school at Buckton Fields is, “absolutely essential in ensuring NCC can continue to meet its statutory obligations of providing a sufficiency of school places in this area of the county from September 2021 onwards”, due to a projected deficiency of primary school places after that date and (2) that the project is wholly developer funded, profoundly regrets the decision of the Department For Education to fail to commit support enabling the primary school at Buckton Fields to open in September 2020.

The Council invites the DfE to confirm that it will take the necessary steps to ensure opening of the school in September 2021.

14(ii) Motion under Council Procedure Rule 12.

To consider the following motion, notice of which has been given under Council Procedure Rule 12 by Councillors Rupert Frost and Jo Gilford:

We ask DDC to consider the following motion, notice of which has been given under Council Procedure Rule 12 by Councillors Rupert Frost and Jo Gilford:-

That this Council supports a formal request from DDC to cabinet member Ian Morris that he puts a motion to NCC cabinet to  fund the 65K capital shortfall  in connection with the repairs to Hellidon Railway Bridge that has now materialised as a result of their conditions.

A year on from its closure, Daventry District Council is disappointed by ongoing delays with the reopening of the Hellidon Road Railway Bridge and the resultant disruption for local residents.  We have been doing everything we can on behalf of our community to address this long standing issue and agreed to fund its repairs, even through it was the County Council's responsibility. As a result of conditions being applied by NCC, additional costs of circa 65K have arisen to cover a crash barrier, resurfacing, repair of chevrons and embankment work. We strongly believe that NCC should now fund the shortfall, otherwise the project will be at a 'stalemate' and come to a halt.

14(iii) Motion under Council Procedure Rule 12

To consider the following motion, notice of which has been given under Council Procedure Rule 12 by Councillors Wendy Randall and Ken Ritchie:-

This Council commends Cllr Chris Millar for his decision not to accept £12,000 in additional expenses offered for his work on local government re-organisation.

14(iv) Motion under Council Procedure Rule 12.

To consider the following motion, notice of which has been given under Council Procedure Rule 12 by Councillors Stephen Dabbs and Wendy Randall:-

This council is concerned to promote leisure activities in Daventry and thereby encourage improvements in the economic activity and well being of the town and its residents.  Following this theme, this council has agreed to finance the building of a cinema complex, delivered with a new town square and additional leisure facilities.

However, it does recognise the serious financial implication of this development of £12.4m (assuming no further cost additions have materialised), and that it is considered to be a risky development, with only a marginal chance of a positive financial return.

Furthermore, considering that a cinema operator is yet to be appointed, this council believes that undertaking such a development without an operator on board increases the risk of the development to such an extent that it undermines the viability of the whole project.

It is of fundamental importance to engage a cinema operator before irreversible commitments to build are made, otherwise we may ensure £12.4m worth of white elephant empty buildings are eventually provided for the residents.  This council has its own ideas of what the cinema complex should be, and has done a tremendous job so far in making its plans and proposals.  Professional operators are best placed to convert these ideas into reality.  They know what works, what is needed.  The council needs such an operator as a partner to progress the project to its best conclusion.  Without such a partner in place, it is entirely reckless to continue to pursue the project.

This council therefore resolves:-

  • with immediate effect to postpone all further work on the cinema project, until a suitable operator is appointed

  • that should an operator not be found within 3 months of today, the project should be cancelled, and alternative uses sought for the former library site.

14(v) Motion under Council Procedure Rule 12.

To consider the following motion, notice of which has been given under Council Procedure Rule 12 by Councillors Aiden Ramsey and Jason Pritchard:

Daventry District Youth Council 

This Council wishes to offer young people in the District better opportunities to discuss the changes they would like to see in the District and in society generally and to present their views to DDC;

Notes that there are already 620 youth councils operating in the UK;

Therefore resolves to establish a Daventry District Youth Council (DDYC) on the following basis:

·   Membership of the DDYC will be open to all residents aged 11-18 years (or what other age range this meeting might choose);

·   DDC will provide logistic support (communications, room bookings, conduct of elections, etc.) but the programme and policies of DDYC will be a matter for its members;

·   DDYC will elected representatives who will be entitled to attend all public meetings (excluding Planning and Licensing) of DDC with the same speaking rights as Members but without voting rights (there shall be two such representatives, one male and the other female, for each of three areas – Daventry town, West and East – unless this meeting decides otherwise);

·   DDC will liaise with all relevant schools and colleges in promoting membership of DDYC;

·   DDC will liaise with the British Youth Council’s ‘Local Youth Council Network’ for advice on the running of DDYC.

This Council will propose to the Shadow Board of the proposed West Northamptonshire Council that similar youth councils should be established in other areas and all youth councils be afforded the same support and similar representation to that proposed in this motion.

14(vi) Motion under Council Procedure Rule 12.

To consider the following motion, notice of which has been given under Council Procedure Rules 12 by Councillors Ken Ritchie and Jason Pritchard:

Climate emergency This Council notes:

  • that the impacts of climate breakdown are already causing serious damage around the world. 
  • that the ‘Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C’, published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in October 2018, (a) describes the enormous harm that a 2°C average rise in global temperatures is likely to cause compared with a 1.5°C rise, and (b) confirms that limiting Global Warming to 1.5°C may still be possible with ambitious action from national and sub-national authorities, civil society and the private sector.
  • that all governments (national, regional and local) have a duty to act, and local governments that recognise this should not wait for their national governments to change their policies; 
  • that strong policies to cut emissions also have associated health, wellbeing and economic benefits;
  • and that, recognising this, a growing number of UK local authorities have already passed 'Climate Emergency' motions.

This Council therefore resolves to establish a ‘Climate Emergency Working Group’ whose remit will be to examine how DDC, through its actions, can provide leadership to local communities in seeking ways of reducing harmful emissions.This Council envisages that the programme of the Working Group will include (but not be confined to):

  • Reviewing and appraising the work that DDC is already doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;

  • Considering the case for requiring all DDC-owned buildings (where reasonably possible) to have solar panels;

  • Considering the feasibility of requiring all new homes (where reasonably possible) to have solar panels (with the onus being on developers to provide evidence should when solar panels are not deemed to be feasible);

  • Examining DDC’s investment portfolio with a view to recommending the termination of any investments which are in environmentally damaging commercial activities;

  • Spreading the message about the need for action to protect the environment.

    The Climate Emergency Working Group will consist of

  • A politically-balanced group of councillors;

  • A number of residents selected following a public invitation to join the Working Group (to include young people with environmental concerns);

  • Any local climate-change experts whom the Working Group may wish to co-opt.

14(vii) Motion under Council Procedure Rule 12.

To consider the following motion, notice of which has been given under Council Procedure Rules 12 by Councillors Wendy Randall and Ken Ritchie:

Representatives on outside bodies 

This Council welcomes the increased number of reports received from its representatives on outside bodies over the past year and thanks those who have circulated reports.

This Council notes that in May 2017 it passed a motion requiring representatives to submit reports annually and recalls that the Monitoring Officer subsequently advised that the motion was not enforceable as DDC could not take action against Members who are deemed to have failed to report as requested;

Further notes, however, that while the Council cannot compel Members to undertake particular actions, it is within the Council’s powers to take action against postholders by removing them from their posts should they fail to comply with the requirements of the post;

This Council therefore re-affirms its view that all representatives on outside bodies should provide annual reports and resolves to remove Members from their positions as representatives if they fail to comply.

15. Reports of Committees.

To receive for information purposes only the Minutes of the under-mentioned Committees. (The following Committee was cancelled: Corporate Governance Committee 16th April 2019).

16. Recommendations of Committees.
To consider the recommendations of the several Committees and to pass such resolutions thereon as the Council may determine. (Please note that further to copies previously circulated with Committee agendas, copies of the related reports are available for public inspection).
17. Schedule of Meetings - Change to meeting date.
To note that the Appeals and Standards Committee scheduled for 4th June 2019, will now take place on 13th June 2019.
18. Urgent Business.
To consider any other item, which the Chairman decides is urgent, notice of which has been given in writing to the Chief Executive prior to the commencement of the meeting.
19. The Chairman will formally close the meeting following which light refreshments will be served and the Chairman will meet the press.

Meeting Documents

There are no separate meeting documents but there may be meeting documents assigned to the Agenda.

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