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Daventry District Council
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Planning Policy

Planning Policy


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21 Feb 2019 - 18:15 to 00:00



1. Prayers.
2. Minutes
To sign the Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 6th December 2018 (copy attached).  Please note queries relating to the accuracy of the Minutes must be submitted in writing to the Monitoring Officer by noon on Wednesday 20th February 2019 - Constitutional requirement - Part 6l, Section 3.3).
3. Apologies for absence.
4. Declarations of Members' Interests.

To receive declarations of Members' disclosable interests and the nature of such interests in any of the following agenda items.

5. Chairman's Announcements.
6. Questions under Council Procedure Rules Nos. 10 and 11.

(i)   To answer questions from members of the public, if any.

(ii)  To answer questions from Members of the Council, if any.

7. Motion under Council Procedure Rule 12.

To consider the following motion, notice of which has been given under Council Procedure Rule 12 by Councillors Jo Gilford, Richard Auger and Alan Hills:-

That this Council supports the award of a 100% grant to Staverton Parish Council in connection with Traffic Calming measures.

We ask that this Council notes that Northamptonshire is in unprecedented times and soon local government in its current format will cease to exist and a unitary organisation will evolve.  As a consequence of this change, all spending by the County Council has been stopped by way of a section 114 order.  A casualty of this order has been the project Staverton PC have been working on in Partnership with NCC.

The Staverton project: aims to provide traffic calming measures, through the installation of signs, vehicle activated displays, reduced speed limits and installation of a village gateway on the through road - A425 and will work as an extension of the recently approved Warwickshire policy to reduce traffic speeds up to the Warwickshire/ Northamptonshire border on the A425.

The project has been designed in collaboration with and sanctioned by NCC Highways department and will include legal and Section 50 licence costs.

Confirmation has been received from NCC that in light of the section 114 order Warwickshire have agreed to partially fund both the Traffic Regulation Order for the revision of the speed limit from the county boundary to the 30mph limit in Staverton and that they will also fund the necessary signing works in the Northamptonshire section.  This project is an opportunity for Warwickshire funding to be used within Northamptonshire.  The grant application is for the shortfall of £16212.66 following the section 114 order. 

Once the project is complete the proposal is for Staverton PC to precept the village in order to establish some form of planting along the length of the 30mph speed limit to present a scheme of enclosure in a built-up area, possibly an avenue of trees.

DDC confirmed on the 29th January that they were able to award £8,400 towards the project however, they could not offer the full amount of funding requested due to the high demand of applications.

These unprecedented times have given rise to the exceptional circumstances whereby if Staverton PC are not awarded a 100% grant then these works will not go ahead and external funding from outside the District will be lost and a valued project that will improve the safety of residents who travel within and through the Parish will not go ahead.  The shortfall is £7,812.66 which taken as a percentage of DDC's overall budgets is negligible.

At the February Strategy group, it was reported that capital receipts shown in the Capital Programme have been updated to reflect recent Council decisions and CIL funding proposals.  Of the £0.640m forecast spend below budget, as at the end of quarter 3, £0.187m was forecast as 'true' underspend.  If this forecast is in line with the final outturn at year end, this funding would be released with a corresponding increase in capital reserves balances. 

In light of the exceptional circumstances detailed, the small amount SPC ask for in comparison to DDC’s overall budgets, the available capital reserves, and more importantly the fact the project is a safety project, we ask that members support this motion.

8. Reports of Committees.

To receive for information purposes only the Minutes of the under-mentioned Committees. (The following Committee was cancelled: Strategy Group - 10th January 2019).

9. Recommendations of Committees.
To consider the recommendations of the several Committees and to pass such resolutions thereon as the Council may determine. (Please note that further to copies previously circulated with Committee agendas, copies of the related reports are available for public inspection).
17. Exclusion of Public and Press.

To exclude the public and press from the remainder of the meeting by virtue of Section 100(A)(4) and Part 1 of Schedule 12a of the Local Government Act 1972, as amended, as follows:-

Agenda Item 16 - Appendix to Development at Mulberry Place and Future High Streets Fund (pages 1 - 22) Paragraph 3 Financial or business affairs 

18. Urgent Business.
To consider any other item, which the Chairman decides is urgent, notice of which has been given in writing to the Chief Executive prior to the commencement of the meeting.

Declarations of Interests


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