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Daventry District Council
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Planning Policy

Planning Policy


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Recordings of the Council's committee meetings are available at the following address:  

http://www.daventrydc.gov.uk/your-council/council-and-democracy/audio-record-of-meetings/ and https://www.youtube.com/user/daventrydc.  

Privacy notice for Democratic Services and virtual meetings

The Members attendance figures that can be viewed within the Committee details are calculated (by the system) from June 2014 onwards.

Committee Agendas and Minutes


Committee agendas, reports and minutes can be found by clicking on the appropriate committee below. Minutes are included as part of the agenda for the next meeting. Please click on the scheduled date of the next meeting to view the minutes of the last meeting.


Daventry District Council Committees

Appeals and Standards Committee

The Appeals and Standards Committee promotes and maintains high standards of conduct by District Councillors and Parish and Town Councillors within the district.

Corporate Governance Committee

The Corporate Governance Committee approves the Council’s final accounts and reviews audit processes.


The Council is the forum for political debate on policy and strategic matters and is the decision making body for all matters other than those matters delegated to the Committees and Officers. It receives recommendations from both the Strategy Group and the Scrutiny and Improvement Committee.

Licensing Committee

This Committee is responsible for dealing with licensing matters and the consideration of licensing related policies.

Licensing Hearings

Licensing Hearings are appointed for the purpose of determining applications for premises, street trading and taxis when representations have been made.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is responsible for determining planning applications that are not dealt with under delegated powers. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE AGENDA FOR THE WEST NORTHAMPTONSHIRE COUNCIL INTERIM PLANNING COMMITTEE - DAVENTRY DISTRICT AREA - DUE TO BE HELD ON 21st APRIL 2021 - CAN BE FOUND AT THE WEBSITE ADDRESS BELOW - https://cmis.northamptonshire.gov.uk/cmis5live/WestNorthamptonshireCouncil.aspx SELECT THE DAVENTRY AREA DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE AND THEN THE DATE OF THE MEETING TO VIEW THE AGENDA

Scrutiny and Improvement Committee

The Scrutiny and Improvement Committee appoint Task Panels to review specific issues within service areas.

Strategy Group

The role of the Strategy Group is to give initial consideration to potential strategies and policies and to make recommendations to the Council for decision.

Daventry District Council Former Committees

West Northamptonshire

West Northamptonshire Joint Committee

The West Northamptonshire Joint Committee has been wound up due to the creation of the West Northamptonshire Shadow Authority and its governance arrangements. The agendas and minutes of the previous meetings can be viewed at Northampton Borough Council's website: http://www.northamptonboroughcouncil.com/councillors/mgCommitteeDetails.aspx?ID=886

West Northamptonshire Joint Planning and Infrastructure Board

Strategic Planning and Infrastructure issues covering more than one of the following local planning authority areas: Daventry District Council, Northampton Borough Council and South Northamptonshire Council

West Northamptonshire Shadow Authority

The shadow authority is composed of all of the existing borough, district and county councillors. It is responsible for certain major decisions, including setting the budget for the new unitary authorities. To view the agendas and minutes of these meetings please copy the following link into your web browser: https://cmis.northamptonshire.gov.uk/cmis5live/WestNorthamptonshireShadowAuthority.aspx